Funny Cat Story

This is by my friend. 

       I have an orange tabby cat. Her name is Gabby.  My cat will not drink from a bowl.  Only the purified water faucet. I had the idea to show her when I pour it into the bowl. It worked. My cat will drink from a bowl as long as she sees me pour it. Sometimes I let her drink from the faucet as a treat. Both Gabby and I are happy now.

Daily Post

 I would love to help if you have any questions, because then I can just post the info. But if you have anything on star wars you would like to know, go to or you can just ask me. I also happen to be an expert on anything else. But I can’t promise a reporter on anything and everything. Please comment if you would like me to do a daily random report.

Food For Dogs

 Has your dog stopped eating? Do you need food that they will possibly eat? Well first of all don’t go off and buy your dog (that’s small) giant food bits listen carefully and you will know what to get your small dog or big dog.

Small dog: I feed my little Pomeranian “Taste Of The Wild” look for a small yellow bag. It should have “Roasted Bison & Roasted Venison.” one of my relatives’ long haired Chihuahua wasn’t eating and you could feel her bones. My relative gave her a bit of “Taste Of The Wild” and she loved it! So now she is a happy, healthy puppy. You can get this at any store but we get it from Natural Grocers.

Big dog: I get “Nature’s Domain” for my Labrador/Greyhound. Look for a big red bag at Costco. If it is not available then just get any of the other colors. My dog is the happiest ever! But if you don’t have a Costco nearby, or you can’t find “Nature’s Domain” then there is also “Taste Of The Wild” for bigger dogs.natures-domain

Parakeet Millet Spray

I have two parakeets named Spark and Sparkles. I only want to give them the best treat that is good for them and they like. But the problem is some treats can be toxic with the fat and sugar, sometimes they even include food coloring. so I give them millet spray. millet spray doesn’t really matter on what brand you buy. But I get “Healthy Select”. I hang the millet in their cage with a clothespin. I will tell you more about what I give them and possibly more products to give to your pets.